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The history of the Bañuelos family and its legacy in the tequila industry is intrinsically linked to the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Don Félix Bañuelos, originally from Jamay, Jalisco. His passion for agave and distilling led him to found Hacienda Vieja in his native region, establishing a standard of excellence that endures to this day.

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Don Félix Bañuelos: A Tequila Legend

Don Félix Bañuelos, a visionary whose name resonates with the very essence of tequila, dedicated his life to perfecting the art of distillation at his iconic distillery, Hacienda Vieja. With a rich history of tradition and passion, Hacienda Vieja became the epicenter of innovation and quality in the tequila industry. Founded with the vision of creating a tequila that would not only delight palates, but also capture the soul of Mexico, the distillery quickly gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Don Félix's dedication and unwavering commitment not only led to the creation of exceptional tequilas, but also a historic multinational transaction in the world of tequila. This achievement consolidated its presence in the global market and highlighted Hacienda Vieja as a benchmark in the industry. Each bottle of tequila made at Hacienda Vieja is a living testament to Don Félix's dream and dedication, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail and passion for the art of distillation. Thus, his legacy endures, consolidating him as a true tequila legend.

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Hacienda Vieja: Authentic tequila tradition

Hacienda Vieja is not just a distillery; It is a symbol of the Mexican tequila tradition and a testimony of the commitment to quality. Each stage of the production process at Hacienda Vieja is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of the agave to the final distillation. This rigorous approach ensures that each bottle of tequila maintains the high standards that Don Félix Bañuelos set from the beginning.

The agave used at Hacienda Vieja is carefully grown and selected to ensure that only the most mature and best quality plants are used. The distillery combines traditional methods with modern technology to create a tequila that is both authentic and exceptional. This balance between tradition and innovation is what sets Hacienda Vieja apart in the competitive world of tequila.

In addition to its dedication to quality, Hacienda Vieja is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The distillery implements eco-friendly practices in tequila production and supports local communities, ensuring its positive impact extends beyond its products. This combination of excellence, innovation and social responsibility is what makes Hacienda Vieja a respected and admired brand both nationally and internationally.

Every sip of Hacienda Vieja tequila is an invitation to experience the richness of Mexican culture and the legacy of Don Félix Bañuelos, a legacy that continues to inspire and delight tequila lovers around the world.

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From Arandas to the World, Elevating the Tequila of Their Land

Don Félix Bañuelos, originally from Jamay, Jalisco, set out in Arandas, Jalisco and transformed his deep connection to the land and its rich cultural tradition into a bold vision to create an exceptional tequila. From the beginning, Félix was immersed in the culture of agave and distillation, learning from his ancestors and developing a passion for these processes that accompanied him throughout his life. This connection with his environment and his desire to honor his family's heritage led him to found Hacienda Vieja in his beloved region of Arandas.

Hacienda Vieja quickly rose to prominence as an iconic distillery, recognized for the quality and distinctive character of its tequilas. Don Félix's meticulous dedication to every step of the production process, from the careful selection of the agave to the traditional distillation methods, ensured that each bottle of Hacienda Vieja reflected the excellence and authenticity that he so valued. This attention to detail and commitment to tradition made Hacienda Vieja a benchmark in the tequila industry, consolidating the reputation of the distillery and Arandas as the birthplace of high-quality tequilas.

The legacy of Don Félix Bañuelos is manifested not only in the prestige of Hacienda Vieja, but also in the way his tequila has come to represent Arandas in the world. Tequila Hacienda Vieja de Arandas is more than a drink; It is a celebration of tradition, authenticity and passion of a family and an entire region. Through his tireless work and innovative vision, Don Félix has left an indelible mark on the tequila industry. His legacy lives on in every sip enjoyed by connoisseurs around the world, ensuring that both his name and that of Arandas remain synonymous with excellence in tequila production.

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